The Weakened Warrior

Some of this is ugly, brace yourself. I think I have always had a problem with rage. I've never done any work on it. I have never asked myself if it was a little much. Sometimes it is a just response, sometimes it isn't. All I know is that it never feels good and it … Continue reading The Weakened Warrior


Who is Allowed to Show Up to the Gig?

I have something to admit. Over the past week I have grieved a truth I couldn't own until I found out what I found out through my last articles. That truth is this: My intentions to kick performance anxiety were never healthy. Let me explain. I recently picked up my instrument for the first time … Continue reading Who is Allowed to Show Up to the Gig?

A Dissection of Unfair Expectation

In this relatively healthier life, I have arrived at an understanding of what used to be one of the dirtiest words in goal-seeking: "expectation". For nearly the entirety of my life, expectations weren't "projected outcomes from a series of actions". They weren't, as the Oxford Dictionary defines, "a strong belief that something will happen or … Continue reading A Dissection of Unfair Expectation